1. Hello,

    I am am in the same boat to be honest. I was gifted a 3570k from my wife , its used . But i am looking to encode video. Do you think it would be worth it to go out and spend real cash on a 8700k for the time saved ? Keep in mind , i spent nothing on the 3570k…

    Is the time to render the same with 4k or 1080p ? I noticed you only did 720p. Is it roughly double in the others as well ?

    • Tobey

      Hi, I think it depends on your usecase. If you don’t need your machine while rendering (e.g. doing it overnight) the cost in electricity will be much lower than an upgrade. Keep in mind: a new CPU requires a new mainboard and new RAM. Your upgrade cost will be about 500 bucks. So if time is not of the essence and you only need the CPU to encode video, keep your 3570K.
      I have not tested rendering higher resolutions. As I do not own the 3570K anymore, I unfortunately cannot do a comparison on this.

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