Hi there, my name is Tobias (nicknamed Tobey – to explain the pun) and I managed to achieve something many people desire: turn one’s hobby into a profession. I’m very passionate about technology, computers, gadgets – generally IT stuff. Currently I work in DevOps for a bank in Germany.

As I experience a lot of problems and issues in my everyday life – and that’s not just my work life  – I strive to share acquired solutions and tips and tricks with the world. For this reason this website/blog came into existence. The main goal is to share ideas about issues, to which no solution can be found on the internet – yet. While the content grows there may be posts about more regular subjects, too.

Expect posts about issues of my profession in development and operations: Java, Apache, Tomcat, web applications, Linux, Kubernetes and Docker – just to drop a few names. Aside from those topics there will be posts about consumer issues as well – any struggles I experience in my everyday life with computers, smartphones and gadgets. Enjoy!

You have a specific request or question? Please do contact me.