• Tobey

      Although this feels like a troll comment, I am going to reply. The ajax call is triggered when the button is clicked, so “script clicking” the button is sufficient for the call to be made. I did try to mimic the ajax call directly, but YouTube uses an algorithm to send a specific id for each call, which I didn’t figure out. Long story short: this works indeed!

  1. TimJ

    hey first of all many thanks for putting your time into this, this is super useful tool but, for channels with more that 200 videos this is not enough… even if you invert the sort order to [old —–> new] you’re only gonna see a maximum of 200 videos… some channels have more than 2000 videos, i’d like to see a solution for this…

    anyway, atm there isn’t even a load more button, youtube disabled it and we need to keep scrolling down forever… and i think the main problem persists, if the channel has more than, for example, 1000 videos, you can scroll down and see the first 200, change the sorting to [old —–> new] and see the last 200, but the 200 in between aren’t available… 🙁

    • TimJ

      edit:correction to my shitty math lol, sorry, where it reads “the 200 in between” should be “the 600 in between”… thanks!

    • Tobey

      Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I reviewed the current state of big channels and I have found, that YouTube will display more than 200 videos (I’ve tested up to 1500 videos) on a channel. But since they’ve removed the button and switched to infinite loading the script will not work anymore. I might update it in the future, but for now, it is deprecated.

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