1. Quan

    My approach is much simpler and you only need to care once.
    The original docs is here: https://rancher.com/docs/k3s/latest/en/helm/#customizing-packaged-components-with-helmchartconfig

    1. Edit the file `/var/lib/rancher/k3s/server/manifests/traefik-config.yaml` on the master
    2. add the ports.web.redirectTo: websecure

    Here is my example:

    apiVersion: helm.cattle.io/v1
    kind: HelmChartConfig
    name: traefik
    namespace: kube-system
    valuesContent: |-
    redirectTo: websecure
    enabled: true
    permanentRedirect: true
    enforced: true
    useCertManager: true
    enabled: true

    • Tobey

      This would redirect everything in the cluster though, wouldn’t it? As mentioned in my post, my goal was to not have everything redirect but to have control over what gets redirected and what doesn’t. So yes, your approach is simpler, if you just want everything to redirect.

  2. EK

    I’m new to k8s and using rancher. I’m facing exactly the same issue certificates are added in asecret and secret is mentioned in the Ingres file. however the only missing piece I’m missing is middleware. my question is when you say “redirect only specific urls to https” is it correctly to assume that every rule mentioned in this Ingress file would redirect http to https and for other routes define them in other Ingress resource files without referencing middleware?

    • Tobey

      There are other possibilities to have traefik redirect everything to HTTPS. But I need to have some ingresses route over HTTP. So this approach here allows me to specify on each ingress if it should redirect to HTTPS. This is done using the middleware annotation (see ingress.yaml on line 5). If you delete this annotation on the ingress, then the request will not automatically redirect to HTTPS. So you can – by specifying this annotation on an ingress – decide if this ingress should redirect to HTTPS. The default behaviour is still to NOT redirect, but with this middleware you can tell this exact ingress featuring the annotation to redirect.

  3. EK

    I’m trying to use the same however i get 404 on https on all endpoints. for http,it returns 301 with a corresponding https value in location header but on trying that i get 404. any ideas?

    • Tobey

      Hard to say without seeing the sources. If you want to, upload the related yaml files to pastebin, github or something else and send me the link, then I’ll take a look. If you already have a private github repository you could add me of course.

  4. Shweta

    I have one doubt in my project as per current implementations http url showing 403 . Can we redirect trafiek from http to https even if http diplays 403. Do i need to create 2 ingress?

    • Tobey

      I’m not sure I understand your issue. If you redirect http -> https then Traefik does not care for the status code returned by http. Your http request is redirected to https immediately and not after the http request has been made. You may imagine this as an URL rewrite.

  5. i was having issue with path rewriting. had spent quite much time, even posted it on traefik slack group. all useless. then i visited this page accidently and read this

    “A very important detail which is omitted in the documentation however, is that the name of the resource in the annotation has to have a prefix for the namespace it’s created in. In the example above this is the default namespace.”

    and then tried and problem was fixed. thank you so much

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