1. Great, thanks a lot for your step-by-step guide, worked for me in 2020!

    Just 2 small additions:
    1. The command for “Start only the MariaDB container up” is docker-compose up -d teamspeak-db
    2. In the import step of my old database dump I got the error “ERROR at line 3: Unknown command ‘\”.”. After looking into the dump I found out that the script escaped some single quotes at some points where it isn’t relevant. So I replaces every \’ with just a single ‘
    After that, the import progress worked like a charm!
    Remember that this quick fix only works if you don’t use single quotes in any string.


  2. Spacey

    Thx for this great tutorial and the comment with the quotes – got exactly the same issue.
    I got another one when trying to run the mariadb_fix_latin_utf8 because of some german “umlaute” (öäü). It just stopped & error’d with an error where in the channel description such character appears (I even got such chars in some of the usernames). BUT the TS server seems to run well even without finishing that step. No idea how to fix that…

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